Incorrect Nigeria zip code can cause your goods, letters, and parcels to get missing or delayed in delivery, with the correct Nigerian zip code you stand a chance to have your goods delivered faster.

Contrary to the popular misconceptions, all the areas in Nigeria do not have the same zip code, the popular number “234: used as Zip code for Nigeria is wrong, It is the phone dialing code for Nigeria.

ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan

The USPS (United States Postal Service) equivalent of NIPOST (Nigeria Postal service) has codes for overseas countries, which are used when handling deliveries.

These codes are equivalent to the ZIP codes used within the US. They have the code for Nigeria as 00176-0000.

So what do I use when asked for Nigeria Zipcode Online?

Use any of these four:

23400 ( No bigger bases , but has gain  wider acceptance online )

110001 ,

23401, ( For Garki Abuja )


Though all this applied to the case where the Zip code of the country is being asked for, It does not apply to shipping and deliveries, you will need to be more specific and use the specific postal code ( Also used as zip code in Nigeria ) of your area found on this website.